Didier Corlou

Born at Hennebont, in Brittany, Didier Corlou is no armchair traveller. He finished his training when he was seventeen, put in three years in some French inns and restaurants then headed off to explore the world, in the process became enchanted with the exotic spices and fruits of Africa, Asia and distant islands.

First foreign Chef who comes back in Vietnam after the war, his target is to promote and give back the stars of the Vietnamese cuisine. Focus on the transmission, it is with pleasure that he takes some young cooks to train and give something.

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About Cô Mai

A traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Center Vietnam particularly, using local products, herbs and spices.
This house of more than 200 years in Jack wood is preserved by the UNESCO World Heritage.
I wanted to name this restaurant « Cô Mai », in homage to my wife, who support me since 25 years to find some new creations and flavors…
Wish you a nice spicy journey…


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A traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Center Vietnam particularly, using freshest

seasonal local products, herbs and spices
with the natural flavors


There are two ranges of spices at Cô Mai. The first one are spices that are usually used in daily Vietnamese cuisine (cinnamon, nuoc mam, star anise, turmeric, ginger…). The second range are rare spices that come from remote regions, mountains or from the minorities.
Find out your flavors and taste, try on the dishes than take it home to follow the fragrance and the experience…


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Please note that Online Reservations for same dinner day, must be made before 05:30pm.

Online Reservations can only accommodate a party of 10 people or less, reservations for larger groups should be made via one of our direct channels.

Please email us at comai@didiercorlou.com or call us here +84 235 3928188

Restaurant Reservations & Seating Policies:

Reservation Relocation – Co Mai Restaurant will only hold your table for a maximum of 30 minutes after your reservation time, at which time we will release the table to other diners in the event of no show or late arrival. Please call us in advance to inform your late show

Dress Code – smart casual.

Bring Your Own – Co Mai Restaurant is famous for its exquisite food and extensive drinks menu. Therefore, consumption of own brought food or beverage is not allowed unless pre-authorized.

Smoking Area – Our restaurant is non-smoking. However, guests are allowed to smoke at the outdoor patio area.