About Cô Mai

A traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Center Vietnam particularly, using local products, herbs and spices. The vegetables and herbs comes from the daily market and the “Trà quế ” garden, grown in ancestral ways, in sand and seaweed, influenced by the oceanic climate…


I don’t quote the fish, seafood, shellfish (abundant on our costs), depend of the fishing and daily arrival, the seasons and marine currents as the moons and traditions… the meats of duck, chicken, buffalo comes from small breeding; The pork with a “suave” and firm taste like long cooking (preserved…).


My spices mix are on sale in our shop.

Hoi An was an important commercial counter, on the spices road between Pondicherry and Canton, where the merchants negotiate silk, ceramic, porcelain and of course spices which came from all the South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia…).


This house of more than 200 years, was built in two parts, a warehouse where the mer- chants coming by boat for great companies (East India Company and others), were stocked and ne- gotiated with the locals. They were waiting for 6 to 8 months to go with full merchandises, depending of the monsoon and the wind…

On its center, the « patio », air and life place, where a soft water well and a « Si » tree, watch on the house, let’s pass to the second part which was the habitation of the Chinese seller.


This house in Jack wood is preserved by the UNESCO World Heritage.

Why «Cô Mai» ?

I wanted to name this restaurant « Cô Mai » (my fifth restaurant in Vietnam), in homage to my wife, who supports me since 25 years to find some new creations and flavors…

Wish you a nice spicy journey…

Didier Corlou

Born at Hennebont, in Brittany, Didier Corlou is no armchair traveller. He finished his training when he was seventeen, put in three years in some French inns and restaurants then headed off to explore the world, in the process became enchanted with the exotic spices and fruits of Africa, Asia and distant islands. His travels saw him cooking for presidents in Africa, show biz stars in Bora Bora, royalty in Malaysia, the king of Cambodia, and he has now worked across the globe, including though Africa, Polynesia, Indian Ocean, the Caribbeans and Southeast Asia.

First foreign Chef who comes back in Vietnam after the war, his target is to promote and give back the stars of the Vietnamese cuisine. Focus on the transmission, it is with pleasure that he takes some young cooks to train and give something.

Didier Corlou cuisine is based on the authentic Vietnamese cuisine with his touch. The spices master, a real passionate of locally sourced ingredients to share the best of Vietnamese natural flavours.