In Vietnam, people don’t talk a lot about spices, Vietnamese people prefer herbs and nuoc mam and some fresh spices such as gingember, curcuma, chilli and pepper.


But what people usually don’t know is that Vietnamese minorities cook and treat diseases with spices since very long time, for example with talauma or pepper from mountain tops.


Most popular spices of the minorities are black cardamom and star anise which are only on cloudy plateaux from the North.


There are two ranges of spices at Cô Mai:

The first one are spices that are usually used in daily Vietnamese cuisine (cinnamon, nuoc mam, star anise, turmeric, ginger…).


The second range are rare spices that come from remote regions, mountains or from the minorities.


Find out your flavors and taste, try on the dishes than take it home to follow the fragrance and the experience…

The brut spices in powder:
Cinnamon “Cassia”, Star Anis, Black Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Kalangal, Red Chili, Coriander…

The unique origin pepper:
Wild pepper (North Vietnam), Tam Ky pepper (Center Vietnam), Phu Quoc pepper (South Vietnam), Ban Me Thuot (South-Center Vietnam)…

The salt from Cat Hai Island :
Maki salt (salt, black pepper, Star Anis), Pagoda salt (salt, peanuts, roasted sesame), Red DC salt (salt, red wine, 5 spices), Nha Trang salt (salt, dry seaweed)

The Chef’s Mix spices :
Hoi An Curry, Hanoi 5 spices, Voi spices, Saigon – Marseille, Pho, December N 12, Tanger Hanoi, Halong Bombay, Port – Louis…

The Coffee collection (made with 100% Arabica Vietnam):
Flavored with Black Cardamom, Cinnamon “Cassion”, Hanoi 5 spices… The spices on this coffee will reduce the bitter sensation and give a unique flavor…

The Chef’s Books :

Awarded in 2005 Best Asian Cuisine Book in the world by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards